Sherwyn Weaich

Getting to know Chef Sherwyn Weaich

“Creating experiences through Food” with Food, Family and Friends

Concept & Style
The Gourmet Bushie is an outdoor and indoor true to life, reality cooking brand.

Who and what is The Gourmet Bushie?

The Gourmet Bushie is a brand created by Sherwyn Sean Weaich, a government school educated, township raised, coloured citizen and a proud product of the new South Africa with, “old school values.”

The Gourmet Bushie focuses on Food, Family and Friends.

Having being fortunate to travel beyond his South African home – the cradle of his culinary inspiration, Sherwyn Weaich blends his travels, family, friends and unique heritage in to the recognisable and distinct Gourmet Bushie Brand. I’ve always believed that you should,”Let food start the conversation, whether it’s that awkward first date or simply bringing family and friends together in a kitchen, the heart of the home.” -Sherwyn Weaich

With the passion to feed people good food, Sherwyn began his journey travelling across South Africa learning new cooking techniques and experiencing new flavours.